Frequently Asked Questions

How will I feel after an ESI injection?

Your pain may be improved immediately after the injection from the local anesthetic. The steroid usually takes two or three days to have an effect in most people, peaking in about two weeks. You may experience some local tenderness for a couple of days after the injection. Using an ice pack three or four times a day will help alleviate this. You may take your usual pain medication after the injection. It is important that you keep track of the amount of pain relief you received as well as how long the pain relief lasted.

Who is a candidate for vertebroplasty?

People who have suffered recent compressing fractures that are causing them moderate to severe back pain are the best candidates for vertebroplasty. In some cases, older fractures may be treated, but the procedure is most successful if it is performed soon after the fracture occurs. The procedure is not used to treat chronic back pain or herniated disks.

Is a trial implantation really necessary for a spinal cord stimulator?

Undergoing trial stimulation before you commit to a full SCS system implantation is a good idea for two reasons. First, if it is carefully planned and conducted, a trial gives you and your doctor valuable information for determining which system is best for you. Second, many health insurance plans require a trial in order to qualify the system as a covered benefit.

Do I need a referral to get an appointment with a physician?

No, you may call to make an appointment for yourself, but we may ask for your medical records from your current/previous physician. This information will help us determine the best course of comprehensive treatment for you.

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