Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral?

No, you can call and make an appointment for your first consultation without a referral. You are also welcome to arrange a visit through your primary care.

What causes spider veins on my legs?

The cause of one’s spider veins cannot be isolated into one or two. Everyone has different living conditions and lifestyles that have different causes for spider veins. Exposure to extreme temperature changes, wind and sun damage, use of oral contraceptives, hormonal issues (typically in women), aging, obesity, smoking, alcohol use and genetic predisposition are among many causes.

Will my insurance cover sclerotherapy?

Because spider veins are often considered as a cosmetic issue, sclerotherapy is usually not covered by most insurance agencies. However, we do provide free consultations for patients interested in sclerotherapy. Our providers will give you a diagnosis of your spider or varicose veins and an estimate on what sclerotherapy may cost you. Expect to pay either $125.00 or $250.00 per session, depending on your veins.

Will I need to wear compression hose/stockings?

Depending on your venous disease, you may have to wear compression stockings. In the past and still today, the first line of attack for varicose veins may include daily usage of compression hosiery. Again, if you are diagnosed with venous disease on your first visit, the staff may discuss compression hose treatment options.

Will my insurance company cover my office visits, and will you bill them first?

Yes, many insurance companies have paid for the office visits (which are considered medical visits.) (Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare, United Health Care to name a few.) Yes, our office staff will process your bills through your insurance company firs, and then bill you for any co-pay.

We Look Forward To Working With You.